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As we passed the 1-year mark of the pandemic, the state of alert on Romanian territory has once again been prolonged. It was on 16.03.2020 that a Presidential Decree was issued, and Romania entered its first lockdown, and its first state of emergency was instated. Alongside the state of emergency, Romanian employers feared a legislative void.

by Ted Kohnen, Chief Executive Officer, Retina

Audiences live and work in an ecosystem filled with choices. They choose how, where and when they engage with a brand. They can choose what content they consume, what assets to share with their networks and, ultimately, where they find the greatest value from a brand. The challenge for B2B marketers is not only to identify the optimal channel mix at launch, but also stay on top of changing media proclivities and available platforms so the mix continues to deliver on both brand and demand objectives. A year ago, for example, B2B brands weren’t asking if they should be on TikTok. Now, the question is top of mind.

The new year brings good news! Noblesse Palace has created a new concept for offices and business meetings. Starting with January, the halls of the Noblesse Palace can be rented both for offices and for business meetings with partners, colleagues or clients, at promotional prices. Throughout January, a 50% discount is applied for renting the halls.

The merger strengthens the organization’s ability to deliver continuity of service to its clients during these unprecedented times.

Award-winning global marketing agency, Retina, has formally merged with marketing technology consultancy and INC. 5000 company, Transiris. Effective immediately, the companies operate globally under the name Retina.

This merger creates the ability of a single company to deliver end-to-end marketing solutions for enterprise and mid-market clients around the world. These solutions include the industry’s best in strategic thinking, creative and content together with deep digital technology personalization to power results for marketing, communications and technology teams.