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The main services that the Romania Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers it's members are:

  • provide informations regarding the Romanian and Israeli companies, economic legislation, customs, fiscal and industrial (standards, rules) of Romania and Israel, from the database of the Chamber and from other economic institutions;
  • facilitates contacts with business partners from Romania or Israel, contacts based on specific offers from various fields; 
  • informs regarding investment opportunities and proposals (land, buildings, etc..) opportunities for joint venture and auctions;
  • supports Israeli companies and Romanian by approaching the central and local authorities regarding the development of some investment projects, resolution of disputes, etc..;
  • organizes economic missions, on the occasion of fairs and exhibitions in Israel;
  • organizes symposiums, exhibitions, seminars, companies presentation; 
  • organizes promotional events in Romania, with the participation of Israeli companies; 
  • legal advice for business development;
  • promots the offer of the member companies and advertises on the Chamber's website (the logo of your company,address and telephone number, with direct link to your webpage) 
  • an active campaign to promote the products/services of the member companies both on the level of the members and partners of the Chamber as well as regard to the integrated system of UBCCR.
  • identify new business partners and concluding transactions with them through the CCIRI, with a mutual agreed fee for transactions completed. 
  • a substantial discount on any product / service provided by members of the House: hotels, restaurants, airline tickets, tour packages etc.
  • organizes, on request, for its members, meetings with High Representatives of the Romanian and/or Israeli Authorities with the purpose of presenting important projects of business or investment and therewith handling some eventual problems of the bilateral business environment. 

According to the decision of the General Assembly of The Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry from Romania, regarding the standardization of the subscriptions of the Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, members of UBCCR, has been established the following:

  • subscription for SME : 300 euro
  • subscription for companies : 500 euro
  • subscription for banks and multinationals: 1000 euro

Membership fee is paid only at adherence and is equal with the annual subscription for each category in part.

The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania-Israel stands for continuity, superior consultancy work, dedication and loyalty towards its members. Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of commercial, economic and legal environment, areas of practice in which we have gained undisputed reputation.

The aim of the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania Israel is to become the partner and advocate of your interests before the Romanian and Israeli Authorities, in order that your business can develop in a favorable and efficient economic environment.

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