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Press release from Teva Pharmaceuticals


Teva Pharmaceuticals, global leader in generic medicines, has as its primary goal the improvement of patients’ health around the world, through affordable and high quality medicines.

For more than a century, healthcare providers together with patients and caregivers have been using Teva’s medicines. Around 200 million people worldwide take one of Teva’s medicines every day.

To further support patients and healthcare systems, Teva continues to produce and launch new generic and innovative medicines.

In 2021, Teva Romania has already launched and shall continue to launch new medicines for several diseases. Thus, in January, the first generic drug on Romanian market, recommended for patients with an advanced type of breast cancer was launched, breast cancer being the most common type of cancer and with the highest mortality rate in women.

In early March, Teva will launch an innovative medicine recommended for patients with cystic fibrosis, complicated by a bacterial pneumonia, the major cause of morbidity and mortality in these patients; the drug has been available for several years in EU countries, thereby becoming available also in Romania.

Through everything it does, Teva continues to support healthcare systems and to make efforts to improve patients’ health, who should be informed by their healthcare professional doctors about the therapeutic options available in Romania, appropriate to their condition.

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